Is Monaco finally making a Come-back...

Or are they in decline?


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After years of struggling since their March 2009 bankruptcy, and the subsequent buy-out from Navistar International a month later, Monaco now seems to be postitioned for a come-back with it's new owner, Allied Specialty Vehicles, who also owns American Coach and Fleetwood RV.  ASV purchased the Monaco RV assets from Navistar in May of 2013.   They also build ambulances, fire trucks, busses, and other specialty vehicles.  The largest segment (about 26%) of the company's business is now devoted to RV's, exceeding the second largest segment (ambulances) by 1%

In model year 2014 the class-A line had dwinded to only four models:  the Dynasty (which was not produced the previous year), the Diplomat, the Knight, and the Monarch SE.  In November, 2015 Allied Specialty Vehicles changed it's name to REV Group.  For model years 2015 and 2016 only the Dynasty and Diplomat were brought to market, as the company once again transformsed itself under new ownership, and wraps up its relocation to Decatur, Indiana where American Coach and Fleetwood are currently headquartered.   In model year 2017 production was limited to only the Diplomat and HR Scepter 43 foot coach with five different floor plans.   REV Group is still making lower end coaches under the Holiday Rambler name, however.



The Monaco and HR models currently seem to be "close cousins" of the Fleetwood and American lines of coaches.  For example in 2017 the Monaco Diplomat, the HR Scepter, and the American Revolution are essentially all the same coach.  The Revolution does display an upgraded trim package and a side radiator more in keeping with the traditions of the American line of coaches.

In August of 2014 Tim Sullivan was brought to Rev Group (then Allied Specialty) as its president and CEO.  Mr. Sullivan is known for his ambitious and prudent business practices.   Rev Group stock went public on the NY Stock Exchange  in January, 2017 with a successful  IPO raising in excess of $250 million in capital (REVG).

It would be wonderful to see Monaco and Holiday Rambler as vibrant brand names again.  But that may take a little time as the dealership network has dwindled down to a small fraction of what it was just seven years ago, and many previous Monaco and Holiday Rambler owners have lost faith in the once-great Monaco name.  However ASV/REV has owned Monoco and HR now for five years, and they also own Fleetwood and American Coach.  Only time will tell how it will all wash out.


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