Fuse Bypass Switch for 2013 GMC Acadia


On the 2013 Acadia, you must pull the BATT 1 50 amp fuse when you tow.  The purpose of that is two-fold.  First it minimalizes battery drain while towing becuase you have to keep the ignition switch in the accessory position to unlock the steering.  Secondly, unless you pull that switch the speed sensors on the wheels will be powered, which will cause the Acadia to accrue mileage on the odometer while towing.  Pulling this fuse prevents mileage from accumulating. 

To eliminate the need to constantly open up the fuse box and pull that fuse, I installed a High Current Battery Bypass Switch.  Now i just put the switch in the "Tow" position while towing (to disconnect the fuse) and then switch it back when I unhook the car.  Since this is a high-current fuse, the switch contains a relay to do the actual switching so as to prevent arcing inside the fuse box. 

I used one I bought from RV-Parts.com.  (Note that you need the "High Current" switch which is the last one pictured on that page.)  They recommend also bypassing two smaller fuses located in the battery box behind the passenger seat for 2012 and prior Arcadias, but this is NOT NECESSARY for model years 2013 and forward. Blue Ox sells a similar high-current relay controlled switch on their site, part number BX88274.  It's a little more expensive, but you can get it on Amazon.com for less.  Detailed installation instructions for all the Blue Ox switches are here.

Bonus:  Being an ex-pilot, I'm a fan of using check lists to help me remember details.  HERE is a short check list for hooking up and unhooking the Acadia.


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