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Maintenance Notes

Click on the various photos and links throughout this page for more information.


This page includes some links to various items of interest concerning maintenance of the 2017 Monaco Diplomat and similar motor homes.

Engine Maintenance:  See maintenance intervals as posted on the Cummins web site.  Here is a brochure for the ISL9 EPA 2013 Engine.  Download the Cummins ISL9 Quick Reference Guide for part numbers and operating over-view.

The ISL9 engine on this coach includes a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Aftertreatment system and is compliant with 2013 EPA Standards.  Therefore it requires the use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).  For those new to DEF, here is a good brochure to bring you up to speed.  Lastly, here is a Dash Lamp Quick Guide for Afterteatment System faults.


Winterizing the Diplomat:  Click on the picture for an organized, easy-to-follow procedure that I wrote for winterizing a Monaco Diplomat and similar motor homes, based on personal experience and information from the Diplomat Owners Manual. 

The 2017 Dip does not come with a winterizing bypass valve in the water bay.  I was told that is because it has a high-yield Remco 55AquaJet-ORV water pump and 3/4" plumbing instead of the more standard 1/2" lines.  The water pump also features Quick Connect fittings, so you can get a barbed elbow fitting to snap on the pump, which makes winterizing fairly easy without the bypass valve.  If you need a replacement inlet strainer screen and housing for the Remco AquaJet water pump, you can get it at a good price at RVUpgrades.com

Wiper Blades:  Nowhere in the owner's manual does Monaco recommend a part number for wiper blade replacements.  Until recently, I have always had difficulty finding blades that were heavy enough to do a proper job and also fit the arms installed on the coach.  Then I discovered Trico number 67-321 Heavy Duty 32 inch blade replacements made for trucks, busses, and RV's.  These blades are up the the task.  You can find them at many truck supply houses or at Amazon or Ebay, etc. 
Freightliner XCM Chassis:  The Chassis Owner's Manual from FCCC contains an entire maintenance manual which is very detailed.  Also, the FCCC web site has a Maintenance Tips Page, with various general information including links to other more specific information.  It's worth checking out.  Finally, there are a lot of downloads here on the FCCC site including specific maintenance interval check-lists, videos on some of the chassis features, and more.

Also, on the Daimler Trucks North America web site, you can register as a Freightliner Custom Chassis owner.  You put in your VIN number as part of the registration process.  Under "Company Name", just use your own name as it is listed in FCCC records (if you know it).  After that, you can log in for maintenance information specific to your chassis, including parts identification, service literature, and even wiring diagrams. 

For those with a Freightliner Custom Chassis, you can download wiring diagrams and other chassis related information from the Damler Truck North America web site.   (See the previous paragraph.)
 The Smart Wheel system, supplied by VIP (Vehicle Improvement Products) has some good information on their web site, for both the current V4 MPX system and older systems. 

     Owner's Manual          Trouble-Shooting Guide

RKE-100 Keyless Entry System:  This is the proprietary keyless entry system made by Magnadyne for Fleetwood that is used in REV coaches.  In the 2017 Diplomat this unit is located on the floor behind the center storage tray under the dashboard.  It is hard to find information for this system on the internet, so here are some documents I have gathered...

     Owner's Manual & Programming Instructions      Harness Drawing      Harness Pin-outs


Where to Go for Repairs:  When the initial one year warranty period is over, where is the best place to take your motor home for maintenance, or when things need fixed?  That's an important consideration for me, since I'd have to travel to Decatur, IN to get to the nearest REV factory shop - a round trip of almost 1200 miles. 

The answer for me depends on what I need done.  If something on the "house side" needs fixed, there's nothing like an experienced RV repair facility to get the job done right.  So I'll go back to the dealer for that.  For specialized chassis work, Freightliner Custom Chassis has a network of over 450 Freightliner maintenance facilities that work on motorhomes, including more than 90 Oasis network dealerships that specialize in motorhome chassis repairs.  You can find the one nearest to you here on the FCCC web site.  If the engine or transmission need attention, I'll take it to a qualified Cummins or Anderson shop - usually a good truck repair facility that's on Cummins list of qualified shops. 

But for routine safety inspections, lube jobs, preventative maintenance, and most chassis related repairs, I've found no place better than the local bus garage in my home town.  The mechanics are skilled, meticulous, and don't mind working on motor homes.  And the price is more reasonable than larger shops.

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